FAQ – GUI (Englisch)

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Which model devices are compatible with GUI?

All devices with CIT/be.CLI OS except 4Ge, 4GePlus and 5Ge.

What do I need to connect to the GUI of a router from factory?

You just need to access with a browser to the default IP address published in the installation manual of the device ( or

Does the router need any additional license or SW package to be compatible with the GUI?

No, it doesn’t. You just need to order the CIT/be.CLI sales reference for the SE version. In case you have both REC & NF versions, you should order the NF version.

Is the GUI a feature that could be intregrated in older versions or previous customer versions?

No, it doesnt. GUI will be available only in the new versions and future releases of them.

We had a previous HTTP option to upgrade router OS. Can GUI substitute it?

Yes, it can. With the GUI you can access directly to the SW versions of your device and upgrade it.

Can we change the license of a router with the GUI?

No, it can not. Licenses are very relevant. GUI is not designed for this kind of avanced features.

When we make a configuration bakup file, which configuration are we getting?

We get the static file configuration(“p 4”)

If I connect to the router using CLI, where I’m going to see the configuration changes?

GUI makes nearly of 99%, changes in “dynamic configuration” and when you validate them, changes are saved to “static configuration”, so at the end you are going to see the same in both.

Does the GUI support all the configuration and monitor router features?

No, it doesn’t. We have released a GUI version with limited but relevant OS features, ready for basic scenarios. For corporate scenarios maybe CLI will still be the best option for configuration.

When should we use the GUI?

GUI is the best option for small customers with very few offices that want to configure basic scenarios. We also recommend GUI tool for small changes on their routers