FAQ – 4Ge Plus (Englisch)

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What are the default interfaces enabled in the base 4GePlus device?

LAN: 1×2,5GbE port and WWAN: 1x4G interface (LTE category 6)

Which IOS is including 4GePlus?

4GePlus includes CIT (recommended versions) as IOS

Is 4GePlus going to be SDWAN compatible?

Yes, 4GePlus in router mode supports SDWAN networks (and it will be included in CNM)

Which is the performance of 4GePlus as router?

Maximum aggregated IMIX performance: 1200Mbps (600 Tx + 600 Rx)

4GePlus as router supports IPSec encryption. Which is the VPN performance?

With the HW IPSec license Max. encrypted IMIX performance: 560Mbps(280 Tx + 280 Rx).

Can 4GePlus make fallback to 3G in case of 4G is not available?

Yes. The module is LTE Cat.6 capable but the final performance will depend on the CSP

Do 4GePlus LAN ports support 100/1000 Mbps ethernet?

Yes, both ports support 100/1000/2500 Mbps. 10Mbps speed is not supported

Does 4GePlus include two SIMs slot? And two 4G radio modules?

4GePlus includes two 2FF SIM slots like other Teldat devices but only one radio module

Is 4GePlus an outdoor device?

No, 4GePlus is an indoor device that can be installed near windows. We have outdoor antennas in portfolio

Is Wifi supported in 4GePlus?

No, 4GePlus doesn’t include any Wi-Fi interface

About the radio 4G module, is it only for Europe? Or is it global?

There are two basic different models, with radio modules for EU or for LATAM

Is 4GePlus powered by PoE or PoE+?

Yes, LAN1 interface is PoE IN (802.3af)

Customer wants an outdoor device what can we offer?

The 4GePlus device plus outdoor antennas

Can the 4GePlus work as a FTTH standalone router?

Yes, in router mode the device has 2xLAN ports and a 4G port.